SKy Off Road - A Southern Kentucky Off Road Community

Welcome to the SKy Off Road Community.  Please be patient with us, as the website is still growing, and changing.  However we welcome you, and hope that as more find our online forum, the site activity will also increase.

SKy Off Road was founded in January 2009 to provide a online community for those who enjoy the off road experience at all levels.  From the occasional weekend outing, to the every weekend trail runners.  SKy Off Road welcomes you!  As a proud supporter of Tread Lightly, we believe in organized, and legal wheeling of our 4WD vehicles, as well as general enjoyment of the places the paved roads don't lead to.

Please visit our forum to introduce yourself, and find out about becoming a member of the SKy Off Road community. 

Recent Updates


Anti-spam filters have been set in place, which requires an extra step in registering to the site.  Please visit the forum for more details.

As of March 2009, the website is ONLINE !!!

- The forum is up and running.  Click on the forum tab, and the enter here link to access the forum, or access it directly by typing in 

The website and forum will continue to undergo updates over the course of the next month, so if you visit the site, and find we are down, please check back shortly after, as I'm sure we are just in the process of updating the site.  You will need to register on the forum, and please introduce yourself in the Introductions section.  We will keep the forum as family friendly as possible, so please keep that in mind while posting.

-- Stickers are now available.  Please email for details...

Upcoming Events

Please Visit the Club Gatherings sub-forum section regarding a upcoming meet and greet.